Tala Pauga

Founder/Managing Director

Tala Pauga has worked in a variety of roles at the QBCC, formerly known as the BSA. After serving two years in the BSA’s insurance department as an Administration Officer, he later served as an Accounts Payable Officer within the BSA’s finance department.

He then worked for the Australian Tax Office, having later returned to the BSA, given his passion for the Building and Construction Industry. During this time at the BSA, he fulfilled numerous roles, such as a Licensing Officer, a Quality Assurance Officer and an Internal Auditor.

With his experience as a Licensing Officer and a Quality Assurance Officer, he became well-versed in assessing applications alongside legislative licensing requirements, prior to licence approval. Whilst working as an Internal Auditor, he had a specific role in the ‘VEDA’ investigation team. His work with VEDA, included investigating applications to the BSA, to ensure compliance with financial requirements. Following this, he was later appointed as a Senior Financial Assessment Officer for the Financial Assessment Unit. He was responsible for assessing Minimum Financial Reports from accountants, and Deeds of Covenant and Assurance from Solicitors.

One of his prominent, and more recent roles within the QBCC, was that of a Senior Licensing Officer. As one of two Senior Licensing Officers within the QBCC, he lead the QBCC Builders’ Licensing Team and finalised approval of builders’ applications, whilst the other Senior licensing Officer lead and finalised approvals of trade contractors applications.

With his wealth of knowledge of the process in approving licence applications to the QBCC, it would be in your best interest to seek his advice for your application. Contact us for more information.

Mobile: 0456 853 630
Email: tala@toolsup.net.au
LinkedIn:   https://www.linkedin.com/in/tala-pauga/